Can a kid get taken away from his parents if he does YouTube videos?

Answer If a kid does youtube videos, it does not prevent the kid from being taken away from his parents for other reasons. If a kid does youtube videos, and there is sufficiently objectionable content in... Read More »

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What do you think of all the music videos being taken down from youtube?

have patience and watch this space!!!think about it!!all the music videos will be gone, some artists will say "hey lets give you tube permission to put our video on their because we will be the onl... Read More »

How long can a child under six years old be in care of the childrens aid before they are taken away from their parents for good?

How does a father get custody taken away from the mother?

Answer Get an attorney. There must be a definate, documented, just reason for taking custody away from a mother. Having parental rights taken from a mother is almost impossible...

How can people get away with putting bad/dirty videos on youtube?

I agree with you, theirs some sick shiznit out there, just don't watch it and stay away from it, also keep your kids away from that stuff.