Can a judge rule on two matters when only one is presented?

Answer Answer A Judge can do whatever he/she wants, especially in child matters. If at the time of the hearing evidence is presented that shows a change is needed and such change is in the manifest best... Read More »

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How do you have judge rule in your favor?

By having the most convincing argument backed up by the facts necessary to prove your innocence.

Who were the two female presented who along with terry wogan presented the 2009 bbc chilidren in nedd show?

There is variable waiting time; typically more popular television shows will be uploaded faster than less popular shows. All shows should be available 24 hours after they are shown, but some can be... Read More »

When did judge judy become a judge?

She passed the bar exam and began practicing as an attorney in 1965. In 1972 she applied for and was appointed as a judge. See the related link below for a complete biography.

Why do people watch judge judy and judge mathis these 'judges' have more personal problems than the litigants.very degrading and mean spirited..the opposite character of what a judge should possess?

Judge Judy expects a direct answer to a direct question & does not tolerate word-games. This would be fine if she was polite and not abusive herself. But she does not respect anyone herself so shou... Read More »