Can a job write you up for not picking up your personal phone?

Answer OF COURSE , all phones HAVE to have a sim card to work because it must store your number and any information you put on the phone. i think it may work without one , BUT i dont think you can save co... Read More »

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How to Write Your Own Personal Birth Plan?

Pregnancy is a joyous time for expectant parents, but it also has its fair share of worry and anxiety. The thought of labor and delivery is enough to send many expectant parents into a full blown p... Read More »

How to Write Your Personal Statement for a Medical Social Worker?

There is no definitive way to write the perfect personal statement. Every individual applicant for a place in social worker training is unique, with attributes and life experiences that are special... Read More »

Does your personal auto insurance covers an accident while running errands in your personal car for your employer?

Help picking a new cell phone!?

Of course I would recommend the new iphone. The new 3G came out and it's alot better and cheaper than the first one. Also the blackberry lines are good, I especially like the curve.Stay away from t... Read More »