Can a huge houseplant fig tree grow if it is planted outdoors in Alberta Canada?

Answer Houseplant Fig Trees of enormous size can successfully be planted outdoors in Alberta ,Canada if they are surrounded on three sides by a tall fence at least 10 meters in height (or by buildings of ... Read More »

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Does honey locust grow in alberta, canada?

The honey locust tree, Gleditsia triacanthos, does not grow in the Canadian province of Alberta, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The only Canadian province where the honey locust g... Read More »

Why did that beef jerky tree I planted never grow?

To save money, I tried planting a tampon tree. I have no idea if it grew or not because I had to move a few months later. I hope that menopausal woman that bought my place had a use for it.

Why might a houseplant wilt if it is planted in a pot that is too small?

As the leaves and blooms grow, so do the roots. If its a strong root system, it needs care too. Two of the signs of unhealthy roots are leaf-drop or wilting. It means the roots have grown in the po... Read More »

Can an Easter lily be planted outdoors?

An Easter lily can be planted outdoors, and it is wise to do so, as it will not survive as a houseplant, according to Iowa State University. Plant the bulb in an area of the garden that contains fu... Read More »