Can a hot bath cause your temperature to rise?

Answer Yes. The average temperature for a bath or shower is warmer than core body temperature. If a body is left in the tub for long periods of time, body temperature will begin to rise, just like anyth... Read More »

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How many days after conception does your temperature begin to rise?

Answer Your temperature lowers while you are ovulating or preparing to ovulate. Therefore once the egg is released your temperature will rise. If you do not conceive, it will fall again as you g... Read More »

Temperature rise and never had a + OPK?

Some people have a really short surge, and should do the tests 2x a day. My friend kept thinking she wasn't ovulating until I told her to take them 2x a day, and then she caught it. If your temp is... Read More »

Why does body temperature rise when you sleep?

Probably because it is cold when you sleep so your body needs to heat up.

Will body temperature rise during labor?

Slightly, but temperature will be regulated by sweating.