Can a hot bath cause me to go into labor?

Answer On One Hand: Baths Are Safe During PregnancyPregnant women should avoid any activity that could cause an abnormally high body temperature. According to the American Pregnancy Association, a bath in... Read More »

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25 weeks pregnant and having signs of labor will you go into labor early?

Ask your doctor. i lost my son at 26 weeks due to water breaking, your child will NOT live if born this early!

Are you about to go into labor if you are leaking breast milk at 7 months pregnant and just went through false labor?

Answer Many women start leaking colustrum during pregnancy, which is normal and does not mean you are going into labor.

If i take my laptop into the bath without plugging it into the mains, can i electrocute myself with it running?

Just running on the battery, probably not.The power inverter for the LCD screen might have enough voltage to cause a little zap, but nothing that would hurt you.But, using your laptop in the bathro... Read More »

Im 36 weeks and 1 cm dilated my doctor thinks ill go into labor within the next 2weeks if that. how accurate can she be about that you have also already had preterm labor but they stopped it?

Answer eeh.. my doctor said the same thing when i was pregnant with my daughter. I went into preterm at 26 weeks,they stopped it, then at 36 weeks i started dialating. i was 50% and 1 cm.but i sta... Read More »