Can a homeowner in a condominium association be the paid property manager?

Answer Overall, this is probably not a good idea. Read your governing documents to determine whether or not this practice is allowed. (It is generally forbidden if the owner is also a board member.)Next,... Read More »

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If a homeowner pays for roofing repairs or other services in a condominium due to shortage of funds should the association reimburse the homeowner?

The key phrase in your question is 'shortage of funds'. If the association borrows money from its owners to make repairs, then the owners and the association need a written agreement that details ... Read More »

Can I sue my homeowner's association for restricting rentals in our condominium development?

Of course. You can sue anyone for most any reason. Here's why you might not want to take this approach. When you sue your own homeowners' association, you're suing yourself.Rental caps are in place... Read More »

In California can a homeowner's association file a lien on a property?

In any state, an association can file a lien on a property, usually as a last resort, in order to collect unpaid monies owed to the association by the owner. Read your governing documents to determ... Read More »

Can a homeowner association remove an owners trash from community property?

If your governing documents state that an owner's property -- or the common areas -- must remain in a 'neat and tidy condition', and the property is not being maintained to that standard, there are... Read More »