Can a hoa exist if some home owners are not in the hoa?

Answer Usually, when you purchase a unit -- a home -- within the geography of a home owners association-based community, membership is not an option: it is a fact. The HOA is a business. It's job is to pr... Read More »

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Are fines imposed upon home owners for rules violation legal and collectible in a home owners association?

If the violations and fines are set forth in the associations's covenants and bylaws, yes, they are.

What does the abbreviation SOME stand for in home owners association assessments?

You may be able to find the answer you want in your governing documents, including resolutions or board meeting minutes.Otherwise, your treasurer or property managing agent can explain what these l... Read More »

I had some stuff stolen at my girlfriends house in my vihicle. Will her home owners insrance cover it?

The only way they would cover it would be if she was negligent in any way. For example; if she didn't properly secure the vehicle. You would have a liability claim against her.

Can the home owners association refuse owners gate access codes?

Work with your board and your association manager to most fully understand why access is being denied. For example: It is possible that your governing documents specify that when you do not pay you... Read More »