How to Hold Your Breath Under Water?

Answer Want to impress your friends in the pool? Well, read these instructions and you will soon be able to hold your breath for an impressive amount of time.

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How long can a turtle hold its breath under water?

A turtle can hold its breath under water for 4 to 7 hours while it is sleeping. Turtles are amphibians and need air to breathe, so they cannot remain underwater indefinitely. If a turtle is stresse... Read More »

How long can turtles hold their breath under water?

The length of time a turtle can hold its breath depends on the type of turtle and whether it is active or resting. An active turtle can hold its breath underwater for 20 minutes, while a resting tu... Read More »

Pain under my ribs when i breath in and out?

Pain like that could be any number of things that are secondary to a cold/cough. Pleurisy, Broncitis, Pneumonia, etc. OR it could just be from the strain of repetitive coughing. Best way to find ou... Read More »

What did Teal'c of Stargate SG1 say under his breath in Episode 202 Memento Mori during the interrogation scene?

The only sound is music so we were not meant to hear anything. It's a comical scene and the actor playing Teal'c probably made something up on spot.