Can a hermaphrodite become pregnant from itself?

Answer Worms are hermaphrodites, and they can become pregnant, but not from themselves.Human hermaphrodites however, are sterile and are unable to reproduce.

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Is there a case of a hermaphrodite ever having a wet dream and getting him/herself pregnant?

I've never heard of it happening, but I suppose it could. Yes you could produce both eggs and sperm. I've actually seen pictures of a half white/half black baby on TLC or the Discovery channel, c... Read More »

Is it possible to tell if hermaphrodite at birth?

Yes it is possible because hermaphrodites are a person born with both a penis and a vagina. The person born like this takes a blood test showing whether they have more male or female hormones and i... Read More »

Can a hermaphrodite have a baby with themselves?

How do you tell if a girl is a hermaphrodite?

Talk to her very carefully about things that would create sexual and erotic thoughts in her mind. If she gets a boner or tries to cover up her ....whatever, she has a dick.HOwever, that might mean ... Read More »