Can a healthy tree break at the trunk in the rain?

Answer On One Hand: Water Can Damage Anything Over TimeA lot of rain over time can weaken almost anything, and if the tree is in an area with a lot of acid rain, or low temperatures that cause ice and fre... Read More »

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How to Paint a Tree Trunk?

Drive by any commercial orchard and the chances are you will see the lower two feet of each fruit tree painted white. This is done to prevent the tree trunk from splitting and cracking, helps to de... Read More »

How to Remove Lichen on a Tree Trunk?

Lichen, a composite plant growth, is essentially a fungus containing photosynthetic algae cells. These growths get the majority of their water and nutrients from the atmosphere, unlike typical fung... Read More »

My tree is growing branches from the trunk and I don't know what to do.?

your tree is stressed and you need to cut off the branches growing from the trunk. The tree gets stressed from lack of water or insect attack. Our street trees were Claret Ash and they grew branc... Read More »

How do I bolt a double trunk tree?

Use Nuts and BoltsSearch the double trunk until you find a good spot to drill. Use a wood boring bit that is at least 18 inches long, and drill the boring hole. If the drill is too short to penetra... Read More »