Can a hairdryer turn itself on?

Answer you're freaking me here very odd indeed

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Why did the tv turn on by itself?

A very logical reason for all those different issues is a poor system ground and a high level of electrical noise at your location. Does your phone plug in your wall outlet? I think it does. A TV t... Read More »

Can a tv turn on by itself?

Your new house could have a power surging problem which could cause electronics to switch on and off by themselves. In the long run, power surging can fry your electronics.You can get surge protect... Read More »

Why does my TV turn itself off?

Perhaps your alter ego is doing it, Max!Just kidding! I had a brand new T.V, which in 8 months simply went off for good. I took it to where I had bought it and I was told, it had been a re-constru... Read More »

My pc won't turn itself off!?

it happened with me also one time dont worry about itits software problemif it repeat itself all the time then reinstall ur windows