Can a gynecologist tell if you are pregnant during a check up?

Answer Answer yes,if it is more then 6 weeks along.

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I took 2 teaspoons 2 days ago and 4 teaspoons yesterday my stomach still hasn't worked and no labor I am 37 weeks pregnant but gynecologist said baby is ready what can I do?

Answer There's not a lot you can do to start labor. Taking castor oil (which is what I think you are talking about) usually just gives you an upset tummy. You could try the following, safer methods... Read More »

What doctor do you to check if you can get pregnant?

In how many days can you check if youre pregnant after having sex?

Hey pregnant women..check it out its a funny one?

heh heh heh that was phonney :-DI am 36 weeks + 3 days today and was feeling blah blah due to lack of sleep and stuff. But this one made me crack up. kekeke Thanks :-D