Does being a waitress get easier / Working at ihop?

Answer It simply takes time. Just make sure you write everything down, double check, and don't be afraid to ask other employees. iHop is easy too, just a lot of running around

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Would i be able to work at ihop with working papers from the school?

There's only one way to find out, call the individual IHOP you wish to work at, my hunch is no, because they are the busiest at Breakfast.--

I took the earring out to soon, so help me with this strategy?

Why complicte matters....Go for the straightforward approach.....A/B/C..pick one and stick with the plan.

Should I take the earring out since it's infected?

you should take it out, because it maybe the cause of the infection, and please not touch it with your hands not cleansed. and please don't use alcohol in cleaning it dries and kills not only the b... Read More »

Earring Ear Infection?

Depends.. did you get it pierced in a NICE place or a RUNDOWN place? :D Kidding. No, I do not believe it is infected. Swelling is a normal reaction.