Does being a waitress get easier / Working at ihop?

Answer It simply takes time. Just make sure you write everything down, double check, and don't be afraid to ask other employees. iHop is easy too, just a lot of running around

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Would i be able to work at ihop with working papers from the school?

There's only one way to find out, call the individual IHOP you wish to work at, my hunch is no, because they are the busiest at Breakfast.--

I have a PC which is 5yrs old. The problem is it restarts frequently while working. wat cud b the prob?

I have one just as old, another even older. Could be your power supply. However; could be in the BIOS, processor fan, registry, software and/or hardware. You do not state if you have run any cleane... Read More »

Would it be legal for a driver to have a child (over 135cm) in his lorry while working?

It depends on five things: if the answer to ANY of these simple questions is NO then it's illegal. You could be sacked for breaking your terms of employment (no compensation) and also risk prosecut... Read More »

Anyone have ideas of craft projects/learning activities for 3 to 4 year olds while mom/aunt is working?

heres a bunch of ideas: -coloring sheets. -blocks. -puzzles. -even books (with lots of pictures). -musical instraments (although while your on the phone it may be a bad idea.. too much niose...)- k... Read More »