Can a guy get sent to prison if he got a minor pregnant?

Answer Yes, it is known as a statuatory rape and is illegal in all states. This is when a older male engages in sex with a girl under the age of 16 with or without her consent.

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In Prison Break what date is Michael Schofield sent to fox river?

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When a person is sent to prison what happens to their children?

Their children stay with relatives or any family related to them, but if they don't have any relatives, then they go into the foster system where they get to stay with foster parents who take care ... Read More »

On Prison Break Michael Scofield got himself locked sent to jail Happily his occupation helped him escape What was he?

How can you adopt your nephew if your brother has been sent to prison for a long time?

I assume it's not the step parent that is granted visitation. This is something the step parent and spouse have to work out since it's the spouse who has asked for visitation and therefor it's her ... Read More »