Can a guy get sent to prison if he got a minor pregnant?

Answer Yes, it is known as a statuatory rape and is illegal in all states. This is when a older male engages in sex with a girl under the age of 16 with or without her consent.

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If a parent do not want a pregnant minor?

This depends on what state/country you reside in and your age. In many states in the USA if a minor under the legal age of consent becomes pregnant the parents can have the baby put up for adoptio... Read More »

If you are not pregnant can you move out as minor?

Answer In many states, pregnancy emancipates a minor, meaning that they are now assumed in the eyes of the law to be legal adults. But you should know that it costs about $170,000 to raise a chil... Read More »

Is a pregnant minor considered emancipated?

No you are not. You are medically emancipated though which means you are allowed to make medical decisions regarding you and the baby.

If a minor gets pregnant can their parents decide if they keep it or not?

no the pregnant teens parents can not decide if the teen keeps the baby or not.