Can a grown woman still have flat breasts?

Answer Yes - that is extremely graceful and charismatic. All the power and beauty in next to nothing. That is truly fascinating.

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How to Make Flat Breasts Look Bigger?

It often seems that women with big, plump breasts are instantly rated sexy and attractive, making their flat-breasted counterparts seek ways to enhance what they've got. When it comes to breast enl... Read More »

Why would an almost 13-year-old have breasts like a flat board?

Answer Thirteen isn't all that old so I wouldn't worry just yet. Before your breasts grow in, sometimes as much as a year before they will be very tender. This is a sign that your milk ducts are m... Read More »

Is it ever okay for a grown woman to wear pigtails?

look it is sometimes okay for a grown women to wear pigtails if she can pull it off. i mean like in a fun bright playful outfit. like something you would wear at a beach or a 2 yearolds birthday pa... Read More »

Can a woman ever have too much breasts?

I knew a lady with 48-JJs. I was the first to summit via the treacherous North Areola route.