Can a grown woman still have flat breasts?

Answer Yes - that is extremely graceful and charismatic. All the power and beauty in next to nothing. That is truly fascinating.

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I had my period two weeks ago However since then I have been getting sick every night and my breasts are still swollen I have taken dollar store pregnancy tests show up neg could I still be pregnant?

Answer If I where you I would go buy a real preg. test from the drug store or wal mart. For example ept or first response.

Can a woman ever have too much breasts?

I knew a lady with 48-JJs. I was the first to summit via the treacherous North Areola route.

Why would an almost 13-year-old have breasts like a flat board?

Answer Thirteen isn't all that old so I wouldn't worry just yet. Before your breasts grow in, sometimes as much as a year before they will be very tender. This is a sign that your milk ducts are m... Read More »

Im 14 and i have small boobs they really have not grown should i still be wearing bras if so what kind?

Try a Wonderbra! I wonder why you want to wear one though!I got a good laugh on this one!