Can a girlfriend claim her boyfriend on her taxes?

Answer You can reduce your tax liability if you have dependents. In he meets all the criteria, a girlfriend can claim her boyfriend as a dependent on her tax return.Legal DependentAccording to the Interna... Read More »

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Can I claim my 17-year-old on my taxes?

The IRS allows taxpayers to claim individuals who are under the age of 19 as dependents if they are their own, relative, adopted or foster children and live with them for more than half of the year... Read More »

Can you claim car tags on taxes?

If you are claiming a deduction for the business use of your car and use the actual expenses method, you can include the cost of your tags as a vehicle expense. The amount you can deduct will be de... Read More »

How to Claim Options on Taxes?

Options give their holders the ability to buy a specific amount of stock for a set price at a given time. For example, a person may have an option to buy one hundred shares of Microsoft stock for ... Read More »

Can I claim 401(k) losses on my taxes?

In almost all cases, you cannot deduct a loss from your 401k on your taxes. In order to claim a loss, you must cash out the account and the total that you received in distributions must be less tha... Read More »