Can a girl say thanks to her brother?

Answer Of course.

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What is it like for a girl to have an older brother?

its nice, especially if he takes you everywhere and is nice to you also it is helpful because they always seem to know a lot

Is it normal or a 12 yr old girl to peek at her 17 yr old brother?

Yes. If you disagree you would need to file an objection to the court. There would be a hearing and the judge would decide if your objection was serious enough to stop the appointment. If so, anoth... Read More »

What is the name of the Indian girl from"Brother Bear 2"?

The name of the American Indian girl in the movie "Brother Bear 2" is Nita. Nita is Kenai's friend in the movie. Her voice is done by actress Mandy Moore.Source:IMDB: Brother Bear 2Rotten Tomatoe... Read More »

How to get my brother to put on makeup and dress like a girl?

I wish I had a sister like you when I was growing up, I'd let you dress me up as a girl for a weekend slumber party. Tell him that you know he's been going through your things and that unless he ag... Read More »