Can a girl of 16 years in Egypt learn parkour?

Answer of course!

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I live in the UK and I am obsessed with ancient egypt but i wanna learn more about it any advice ?

Hi Kathryn,It's great you've found something you're so passionate about. Egyptology is a really fascinating subject :)One thing you might want to think about is doing something like an online cours... Read More »

Is it possible to learn Russian in five years?

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How to Learn About Light-Years?

As its name suggests, a light-year is a measurement of the total distance that light can travel in one year of time. A "year" in a light-year is defined as 365.25 days. If you want to learn more ab... Read More »

Egypt: Power and water cuts across Egypt spark various protests?

E) C or Carelessness (government not doing anything)