Can a girl have oral sex performed on her while being pregnant?

Answer Answer Oral sex is fine, however I have read that your partner should avoid blowing air into your vagina, I'm not sure how true that holds however. Read More »

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How is the Heimlich maneuver performed on an obese or pregnant person?

Instead of using abdominal thrusts, chest thrusts are used. The fists are placed against the middle of the breastbone, and the motion of the chest thrust is in and downward, rather than upward

How to Get a Girl to Have Oral Sex With You?

Some guys find oral sex to be a very fun and enjoyable way to make love but not every girl is open to it and sometimes can be an uncomfortable proposition. This article will help you to approach th... Read More »

Can you get pregnant from oral sex?

Linny looks at the above treadmill of answers and simply facepalms.Of course you CAN get pregnant from oral sex. Namely, you or your sister could commit your gullible selves into the act, and then ... Read More »

Can a woman get pregnant if she has oral sex?

No. Only vaginal sex will result in pregnancy. Sperm must travel from the penis through the vagina, through the cervix, through the uterus, and into the fallopian tube for fertilization to occur.... Read More »