Can a girl get pregnant by a boy sticking his balls in her vagina?

Answer No

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Can a girl get pregnant if the penis is not inserted in the vagina?

Can a girl get pregnant with out penetration , but having sperm around the vagina area?

yes, if sperm is ejaculated on or around the vagina you can get pregnant if any works its way inside.

Can you get the girl pregnant if the man rubbed his penis inside the girl's vagina but did not ejaculate without a condom?

i think the man has to ejaculate into the vagina for the girl to become pregnant . but if you are going that far with a man you should always use a condom

Can she get pregnant if i ejaculated outside her vagina and after few minutes i entered my penis into her vagina?

Yes! If you ejaculate on her thigh or around her vagina her sperm will attempt to enter her vagina and travel up until it finds an egg. If you hadn't cleaned your penis thoroughly before you pene... Read More »