Could you be pregnant if you had sex for your first time and it was unprotected and it happend 13 days before your period?

Answer == Um..........................Yeah. Y? Did this happen to you. == == Um..........................Yeah. Y? Did this happen to It is quite possible. Might I suggest that before you have sex again th... Read More »

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Do women sometimes know they are pregnant before they miss a period?

Answer Absolutely!pregnancy is a major change in your body and all kinds of things can signal pregnancy before a positive pregnancy test is recieved. Answer The books all say you can't 'know', but ... Read More »

Does a girl have PMS before she misses her period if she is pregnant?

Answer Pregnancy symptoms and PMS are similar, so you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period.

If you have sex three days before your period and your period is on time could you still be pregnant?

Answer i don't think you could be pregnant because that's what happen to me and i didn't get pregnant but every girls body is different but most likely you could not get pregnant.

Do you have to start your period before you can get pregnant?

If you are on the verge of puberty, you could be in the time of your first ovulation and get pregnant without ever having your period. Please get some more info before launching yourself into the u... Read More »