Can a girl be pregnant if she is one week late?

Answer Yes she could be. She needs to take a test___________________________________________________________________yes its very possible like this other user just said take a test but it is a 50/50 chanc... Read More »

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Why is your period a week late are you pregnant?

if you had sex i would take the test if not dont worry about it!!!!!If you had sex, maybe.

Does feeling sick and hungry and tired all the time mean I'm pregnant I was meant to get my period but it's nearly a week late?

It doesn't necessarily mean that you're pregnant but if you've had sex recently then it's a possibility. Take a pregnancy test. If it's negative and you miss your next period as well then go and se... Read More »

Can a girl get pregnant a week after her period?

On One Hand: Fertility Peaks 14 to 16 Days Before MenstruationOvulation cycles vary from woman to woman. For a woman to become pregnant, an egg must be fertilized after ovulation. Ovulation typical... Read More »

Could you be pregnant if your periods are late by a week and you are experiencing stomach cramps but no vaginal discharge at all or even spotting and a pregnancy test showed negative?

Answer something hpt can give you a false result because your hcg can be low (and when woman has low hcg its hard to pick up by hpt)-the best way to find out your pregnant is by blood test from yo... Read More »