Can a genius IQ cause problems?

Answer On One Hand: The Social MisfitBelieve it or not, there can be setbacks for an individual with a genius level IQ. According to retired Allahabad University of India professor of philosophy, A.C. Bha... Read More »

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What is genius IQ?

While not all intelligence quotient (IQ) tests are equal in determining the intelligence of a person, a score of 140 or greater is generally classified as genius. A score over 200 is classified as ... Read More »

How can i be a genius ?

My english teacher had a poster in his class of one of his favorite sayings. "Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits." It has multiple underlying meanings...

How to Think Like a Genius?

There are many ways to classify a genius. But if you look at the historical figures whom most people would consider geniuses, such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Beethoven, you can see ... Read More »

R u a genius?

Yes, I am. IQ = 154 and chess is the best game! lol :)