Can a gated community restrict an owner from leasing their property?

Answer Gated communities generally have extensive restrictive and protective covenants to protect the investments and quality of life for all the property owners and also to maintain the exclusivity of th... Read More »

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Can you deny a person to their home in a gated community if all required paperwork is not filed with property management?

AnswerA person who purchases a lot in a planned community agrees to obey the all the terms and provisions, rules and regulations of the homeowner's association. The penalties for non-compliance sho... Read More »

If an employee's car is vandalized or sustains damage such as a flat tire from broken glass in the lot would the company owner or property owner be responsible to pay for repairs?

Do parents have the right to restrict their adopted child from seeing their biological parents?

If you're in the US... If the child is a minor (under 18), absolutely the adoptive parents can restrict them from seeing the biological parents (who have no legal rights to the child whatsoever). O... Read More »

Why are there gated community apartments?

In the past, gated communities and apartments were a sign of wealth. However, according to the most recent census, all economic classes are turning to gated communities and apartments for an improv... Read More »