Can a gas fireplace be used to burn wood?

Answer A prefabricated metal gas fireplace should not be used for burning wood. These systems were not designed to withstand the level of heat that burning wood can generate. The result could be a house f... Read More »

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Can fireplace crystals be used in a wood-burning fireplace?

On One Hand: Fireplace Crystals Work With GasAccording to Firecrystals, fireplace crystals are made to "permanently replace the burning of wood or use of fake logs in open vented, natural gas and p... Read More »

Can you burn wood in a gas fireplace?

You can burn wood in a gas fireplace with a masonry flue, but you must disconnect the gas log set first. If the gas fireplace has a metal flue, then it is designed to burn with gas, and you should ... Read More »

Can I burn wood in my converted gas fireplace?

According to, wood can be burned in a converted gas fireplace if the flue and fireplace are constructed of stone or brick and a separate gas line is installed. To burn the firewood, disc... Read More »

Can you burn wood in fireplace in California?

Due to air quality problems, there will be AREAS with CA where it is not permitted- and some areas where you cannot get a building permit to install one.