Can a garnishment keep you from getting a job?

Answer On One Hand: Discriminatory PracticesWhile Federal law protects employees from being fired because they're being garnished, hiring practices are not as clear-cut. Generally, during an interview, an... Read More »

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Can a garnishment keep you from getting hired?

Employers do not want to see that their employees cannot or refuse to pay back loans and have had a garnishment against them. According to MSN Money Central, employers look at applicants who have t... Read More »

I keep getting messages from porn sites from Yahoo Online .How do I get rid?

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.Click on an unsubscribe link on a spam e-mail !!!!!!!!!!All this does is inform the spam senders that your e-mail is live and they will send you more spamThey will be able to se... Read More »

How to Keep Your Scalp From Getting Irritated From a Perm?

One of the ways a woman makes her hair look beautiful is to get a perm. Doing so often allows for more flexibility in styling the hair and makes it easier to manage. While getting a perm has benefi... Read More »

Why do we keep getting calls from indian call centers,from prats who can't even understand/speak english.?

one word - OUTSOURCING. Most companies now employ people/firms in India to take their customer service calls & the phone people are taught only rudimentary phrases in English. It's the wave of the... Read More »