Can a garnishment cause the loss of a job?

Answer On One Hand: Not for a Single GarnishmentTitle III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act protects an employee from termination for a single wage garnishment, reports In spite of the p... Read More »

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Can diabetes cause hair loss?

Along with high blood sugar levels, circulatory system damage, blindness and impotence, diabetics also need to worry about hair loss. Because diabetes interferes with blood circulation, it can prev... Read More »

Can weed cause hair loss?

It could be that your diet is very limited and can cause hair loss. Also by smoking weed you could be inhaling various fertilizers or chemicals used to grow it and it can be a cause of hair loss. ... Read More »

Can anemia cause hair loss?

Anemia is a condition where there are low levels of iron in the blood. An iron deficiency causes the loss of hair because the hair cells do not get the needed nutrients to survive. This condition a... Read More »

Can concussions cause memory loss?

Yes. Not remembering what happened to cause a concussion is very common and not remembering what happened at the hospital is also common if it was a more serious concussion. In the long term it can... Read More »