Can a fully insured driver drive an uninsured car?

Answer It will depend on the driver's car insurance company. In case that driver gets into a car accident, it would be presumed his car insurance will step in to settle the damages.

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Can a fully insured driver deliver an uninsured car to you?

Answer It would be better to tow or trailer the vehicle but otherwise I would say that this would work from a legal standpoint. That's not to say though that a legal nightmare wouldn't unfold if t... Read More »

If an uninsured driver of an insured driver's car has an accident caused by weather and another driver is damage to the insured car covered?

How is the driver uninsured? If he had permission from the insured vehicle owner to drive? There are policy exclusion that apply but most generally that person is considered as an insured driver. I... Read More »

Is uninsured driver covered if lives in the house with a insured driver?

Answer Only if you added this person to your policy, otherwise he/she is not covered. Usually, the insurance agent will ask if there is anyone living in your household that would be driving your v... Read More »

If an insured driver wrecks an uninsured vehicle who pays?

I was recently in an accident & had no insurance. The person that rear-ended me was 100% at fault, which he admitted at the scene, and his insurance company paid for my car (which was totalled) and... Read More »