Can a full-term baby have jaundice?

Answer My baby sister had jaundice. She was full-term and weighed almost 10 pounds!A baby can get jaundice anytime after it is born. My daughter was full term and had jaundice. If you're at home with your... Read More »

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What do you call to a full term baby in the womb?

Can you carry a baby full term that's outside the womb?

Answer No, they cannot force you to leave especially if the father sues for custody. You can also check into being emancipated from your parents. Not to judge, since I was a single mom, but why are... Read More »

Is a 19.00 inch newborn is normal for a full term baby?

Yes! My first son was born only 10 days before his due date (which is definitely considered full term) and he was 19" too. He weighed 6lbs, 9oz, which is also normal. I carry pretty small and the d... Read More »

Can a full term baby get chronic lung disease?

One of the issues you would run into there is, the issue that air bags, and smaller children don't really seem to mix well. I know if they are in a child seat, the airbag can kill them. It is all r... Read More »