Can a full body scanner at airports detect a balloon in your body?

Answer Yes.

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Which should i choose Full body pat down or full body scanner?

it depends if you want some pervy stranger feeling your stuff or you want your scan photos on a porn site. those are the only choices if you want fly nowdays. and it is costing the airlines big buc... Read More »

Instructions for a Full Body Detox Treatment Using a Sea Clay Body Masque?

A sea-clay body mask is a wonderful and effective way to rid the body of unwanted toxins while you relax. Detoxifying with a body wrap helps decrease excess interstitial fluid between skin cells ca... Read More »

Are you for or against the naked body scanners at airports?

As a nudist, I'm highly in favor of the naked body scanners. We need to get over our inhibitions about our bodies.

What's the real reason why body scanners have been placed in airports?

9/11 and simple heightened security. If you don't know, when paying for a ticket, you also pay an additional fee called the "Sept. 11th security fee" to pay for the TSA staff and equipment (such as... Read More »