Can a friend of an inventor file a patent application on their behalf?

Answer According to U.S. Patent law, a patent may only be filed in the name of the inventor or co-inventors. While there is no law strictly prohibiting the practice of friends and family assisting with t... Read More »

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What information should an inventor provide in a patent application?

Material that must be included in a patent application is described at length in Title 37 (Consolidated Patent Rules) and 35 U.S. Code 112. These requirements need to be carefully followed.LawSect... Read More »

Can anyone file a provisional patent application?

Anyone can file a provisional patent application. Once filed, a provisional patent application remains effective for 12 months. Unlike a non-provisional patent application, a provisional patent app... Read More »

How to File a Patent Application Under the Name of a Corporation?

While a patent is always filed under the name of the inventors, it is possible to assign a patent to a corporation. By making this assignment, the inventor gives the corporation a complete interest... Read More »

Who was the first African-American inventor to get a patent?

The first African-American man to receive a patent from the U.S. Patent Office was Thomas L. Jennings. The first black woman to receive a U.S. patent was Judy W. Reed. Jennings received U.S. Patent... Read More »