Can a freezer stay in a garage in the winter?

Answer Answer Yes it can, make sure you keep the air flow to the coils and motor unobstructed, in other words don't put any objects in front of the vents

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Can i put a refrigerator freezer in the garage during the winter?

On One Hand: Extra StorageSome households need additional food storage, so a refrigerator or freezer in the garage is a common solution. This allows homeowners to keep some food items that aren't o... Read More »

Why doesn't my garage freezer work in the winter?

you need the temperature in a freezer to be colder that its' surrounding area for it to work properly

Is it ok to keep a freezer in the garage?

It is perfectly fine to install a freezer in the garage. Garages, basements and the occasional attic setup are some of the more popular location choices for people looking to purchase or install a... Read More »

Can a freezer be put in an unheated garage?

Yes, I have one, as does my friend in his garage