Can a franchise be assigned to heirs?

Answer Franchise assignment to heirs depends entirely upon the terms of individual agreements. A 2000 report from the American Bar Association's Forum on Franchising indicates the franchisor normally requ... Read More »

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How to Find Heirs?

Finding missing Heirs and beneficiaries is much like finding anyone else except you have an advantage of knowing that the person will usually want to be found. Because of this you can leave a trail... Read More »

Types of Heirs?

An heir is the person legally entitled to the property of an intestate. During the absence of a will, current statutes and jurisdiction determine eligibility of heirs. The different types of heir c... Read More »

What does heirs-at-law for a petition mean?

The term heir-at-law in regard to a petition of a will refers to the person who has been granted all of the rights to property, money and material possessions after the death of the holder of the w... Read More »

Are heirs responsible for debts?

On One Hand: Heirs Not Responsible for DebtIf an individual dies in debt his family members cannot be required to pay any of his debt with their own money. Debt is not transferred to family unless ... Read More »