Can a foster carer receive any benefits if they do not have a child in placement?

Answer no

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When can a foster carer have contact with an adopted child after it has moved on?

You can't contact the child until they are adults unless the adoptive parents let you. When they are adults they decide for themselves.

Can a foster carer do child minding?

no not really having a that job anyway is like being a child minder they could in a way but i don't see why they would want to.

Can you become a foster carer if you have been abused?

Depends on what happened and how you are today etc. They make a personal evaluation of everyone who apply.

Can a 14 year old in North Carolina in DSS custody in a kinship placement have the right to say they want to live with kinship placement and not parent?

No. Assuming the parents are unmarried, the father must establish his paternity in order to establish his parental rights. This is a serious and complicated situation, legally. If he just takes the... Read More »