Can a forty year old woman have a child?

Answer Although a forty year old woman is less fertile on the average than a thirty year old woman, it is still possible for a forty year old woman (or even a 45 year old woman) to have a child, and many ... Read More »

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How to Apply Blush on a Forty Year Old Woman?

Blush is used to recreate a flushed look. This flushed look is used by many women because it makes you look rosy and youthful. However, as you start to age, your skin is different. Your skin at 40 ... Read More »

If A child is found to have a fever of forty degrees Celsius how does a high fever affect the tissues in this child?

If you have a baby through an affair with a married woman does her husband have any rights to the child after six years of raising the child as his own?

Answer In most states, a child born in wedlock (to a legally married couple) is presumed to be the child of the husband. Legally, the court recognizes that the husband is the father of the child an... Read More »

When a married woman has an affair and has a child with that man what rights does her husband have to the child?

Since you have become pregnant from having affair with another man and if your husband has forgiven you and is acceptable of the baby then the two of you can raise that child. However, if the biolo... Read More »