Can a flood cause leaky pipes?

Answer Yes, flooding can cause weakening of water pipes. Flooding can cause damage to pipes in two ways. The pressure and weight of the floodwater on pipes can cause buckling, weakening of joints or saggi... Read More »

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Can a Leaky Radiator Cause a Car's Heater to Malfunction?

A leaking radiator may cause a number of problems for an automobile, including causing heater malfunction. Even after the leak has been repaired, problems may continue with the heater for a number ... Read More »

What is the cause of vibrating water pipes?

Vibrating water pipes, also referred to as water hammer, is more than an annoyance; it can cause major damage to plumbing over time. Understanding the causes of vibrating pipes is important to corr... Read More »

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Do typical copper plumbing pipes expand or contract enough to cause any kind of noise or vibration?

Answer Typically-no. What causes the pipes to vibrate and hum is when the flow rate at a fixtures or hose bibb is just right, it hits the harmonic point on the pipe, causing it to vibrate. You can ... Read More »