Can a flea allergy cause dandruff in cats?

Answer A flea allergy can cause allergic dermatitis in cats. The symptoms of allergic dermatitis are dandruff and dry, itchy skin. Once the fleas have been eliminated, the cat's dandruff will also disappe... Read More »

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Can advantage flea control for cats cause hyperthyroidism?

Hyperthyroidism is not a known side effect of Advantage flea control for cats. Because Advantage is topical rather than ingested, it's unlikely that this medication would cause the enlarged thyroid... Read More »

Flea Saliva Allergy?

Flea allergy dermatitis also is known as a flea saliva allergy. This condition is the most common skin disease in dogs and can cause intense itching. Secondary skin infections also may develop as a... Read More »

Home Remedies for Flea Allergy Dermatitis?

Normally, when a flea bites an animal there is a little to no irritation. If your pet has flea allergy dermatitis, it will experience intense itching and irritation from a flea bite. This usually l... Read More »

Dog Flea Shampoo on Cats?

If you have one pet with fleas, others in your home could become infested. Although dog flea shampoo can help remove fleas from your dog, it should not be used on your cats.