Can a flash drive be used on playstation3?

Answer Sony's Playstation 3, much like other consoles of its generation, is ready to interact with any number of devices, such as PCs or .mp3 players. Fortunately, flash drives are also available for int... Read More »

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How is a USB flash drive used?

Since the introduction of the USB flash drive, it seems new uses are found for them daily. As manufacturers create new models with ever-increasing capacities, this trend will only continue.BackupTh... Read More »

Can a flash drive be used as ram?

Flash memory cannot be used as RAM. However, Windows Vista includes a feature called as ReadyBoost that allows you to use nonvolatile flash memory as a memory cache that will function more quickly ... Read More »

I have a 1gb flsh drive and ther is nothing on it and it says that i have used 3/4 of my flash drive, help!?

It might be a hidden file. Format it and try again it has happened to my cousin i'll ask him what he did to fix it. My Computer > Right Click on it > Format > Check 'Quick Format' > Start and it sh... Read More »

Can a flash drive be used on a laptop?

According to Wellesley College, a Flash drive is an external portable hard drive capable of connecting to USB ports. As long as the laptop has available USB ports, it is possible to connect a Flash... Read More »