Can a fire extinguisher expire?

Answer Yes, a fire extinguisher can expire. They expire for two reasons: The seal around the neck of the extinguisher can break down or weaken over time, which allows the compressed air to escape. Once t... Read More »

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Where should you aim a fire extinguisher's stream when extinguishing a fire?

Fire extinguishers are prolific in today's society, however, few people are properly educated on their use and operation. Familiarizing yourself with commonly used fire extinguishers will help you ... Read More »

What type of fire extinguisher should be used on a gasoline fire?

Only a class B fire extinguisher should be used on a gasoline fire. Household and auto extinguishers usually have a B-C rating. Some are A-B-C rated. Never spray water on a gasoline fire.Fire Exti... Read More »

What does fire extinguisher mean?

"Fire extinguisher" is the term we use to describe a device that delivers chemicals to put out fires. According to the United States Department of Energy, there are four classes of fire extinguishe... Read More »

What does a fire extinguisher contain?

Water extinguishers are filled with water and pressurized air. These are good for class A fires. Dry chemical extinguishers contain sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate or monoammonium phospha... Read More »