Can a fetus survive if born at 30 weeks?

Answer Yep, my friend survived at 24 weeks

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Can a fetus survive outside the womb at 35 weeks?

Yes there's a chance of survival from the 6th month but the baby might need some time in a incubator.

What is the survival rate of a fetus born in 30th weeks?

Over 90% survival rate for a fetus born at 30 weeks, and each extra week in the womb adds to the survival rate, and the overall development of the fetus. There is always the risk of problems with a... Read More »

Can a baby survive born a 32 weeks?

A baby can survive at 24 weeks. we have better technology these days where anything is possible. If you had a baby at 32 weeks she will most likely have to stay in the hospital till she is consider... Read More »

Can baby survive if born at 20 weeks?

Don't think so. From week 24 they can be saved, but w20 is awfully early. As NICU care has improved over the last 40 years, viability has reduced to approximately 24 weeks, although rare survivors ... Read More »