Can a fetus kick too much as my wife is worried because ours is really active?

Answer AnswerIf at any point something worries you during a pregnancy, it's always best to call the doc. Worry isn't good just in general when your pregnant. If she's stressed, the baby knows it. Some peo... Read More »

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Why does a fetus kick at the touch of a person?

Worried about my wife, she's developed a discharge recently?

If her stomach starts to swell then she should see a doctor for sure.

I am active duty military and just got stationed in Okinawa I want to fly home for the holidays but i am worried i won't have my passport in time for the flight is there a way i can fly without?

Active duty service members do not require a passport. A copy of your leave and travel orders, and your military ID are sufficient.

Your wife is 9 weeks pregnant and worried as her sister had a recent blighted ovum How can you reassure her?

It'll be ok... Your wife is not her sister. Everyone is different. Pregnancy & birth, as a natural process, have been around a lot longer than people. What will be, will be. Take your pick.