Can a female dog have two litters of puppies in one year?

Answer The number of litters a dog gives birth to is dependent upon how many times she enters estrus, or "goes into heat," in one year. Grown female dogs enter estrus up to four times a year, according to... Read More »

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At what age can a female dog have puppies?

Dogs may be able to start having puppies between six and ten months of age, but you should wait to breed your female dog until she is at least 24 months old to see if she will develop health or ser... Read More »

I am a 24 year old female and within the last year and a half I have wet my bed 3 times?

It is called Nocturnal enuresis it is the involuntary passage of urine while you are asleep. It is not uncommon but you should see a urologist. Also during REM sleep you are paralyzed so your abilt... Read More »

If a 19-year-old male and a 17-year-old female living in Massachusetts have a relationship approved by her parents can he go to jail if she gets pregnant?

Answer by law, no. she is of legal age to consent to sex. the end. that's all that you need. nobody can press charges against you for anything, except her. she can take you to family court and... Read More »

How many litters can a shitzu have?

The number of litters any dog can have varies by individual, so this is only something your veterinarian can tell you. In general, dogs should be bred no more than every other year from the time th... Read More »