Can a female dog get pregnant by more than one male dog at the same time?

Answer Female dogs can be impregnated by more than one male dog and can produce litters with puppies sired by different males. For this reason, you need to keep a female dog in estrus safely away from mal... Read More »

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Why Are Male Birds More Colorful Than Female?

Male birds are generally more genetically attractive then their female counterparts in regards to color and plumage, having distinctly more intricate and elaborate designs, a brighter and glossier ... Read More »

Are male gulls more colorful than female?

Male seagulls are not more colorful than females, according to the "All About Seagulls" website. Male and female seagulls have similar coloring, which varies by species from black to pale-gray to a... Read More »

Are there more female than male vegetarians?

Yep. I know 6 female vegetarians, 7 including me. But I don't know any male vegetarians. I think it's because most men would feel embarrassed going vegetarian, because they feel "manly" and "tough"... Read More »

Is a male or female cat more playful?

On One Hand: Personality Determines PlayfulnessWhether a cat is playful depends more on its age and personality than its gender. Among neutered males and spayed females, "neither sex is uniformly m... Read More »