Can a female cat get pregnant while feeding kittens?

Answer Since cats typically go into heat just one or two months after giving birth, they can become pregnant again while still feeding kittens. To prevent the arrival of another litter, keep your cat insi... Read More »

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How do I tell male& female kittens apart?

Hold the kitten firmly, facing away from you. Lift the kitten's tail to examine its genitals, just below the anus. Male kittens will have a slight bulge (where the testicles will drop at sexual mat... Read More »

Is Nexium safe while breast-feeding?

On One Hand: Nexium Can Pass Into Breast MilkNexium is generally prescribed to treat heartburn by preventing stomach acid from being able to back flow into the esophagus. Unfortunately, this medica... Read More »

Is a stool softener safe while breast-feeding?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsStool softeners are a common medication offered to mothers while breast feeding. Easing the intestinal track and adding water to stool--the effect of softeners--allo... Read More »

How to Prevent Hair Loss While Breast Feeding?

New mothers may find hair loss while nursing, and though the amount of hair loss will vary from woman to woman, it can still be a bothersome side effect. Breast-feeding can help strengthen your bab... Read More »