Can a felony ever be lifted from anyone's criminal record?

Answer The amount of time a felony stays on a person's record generally depends on the state In which they were convicted and the type of felony. You can petition the state to have felony convictions expu... Read More »

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How do I get a felony criminal record expunged?

EligibilityConsult an attorney or review your state's expungement statute to determine eligibility. Felony arrests, charges, dismissals, acquittals and certain types of deferred probation may be el... Read More »

Is a towing company liable for damage to an automobile that is too low and modified to be lifted if they lifted it anyway?

AnswerIf you can demonstrate that the tow company used the wrong tow equipment or attached in incorrectly, then the two company is liable for any damages your vehicle received. Take pictures, find ... Read More »

Removing Federal Criminal Offenses From Your Criminal Record?

If you have been convicted of a federal crime, the only way that you can have the offenses completely removed from your record is to prove government misconduct. Without proof of misconduct you can... Read More »

Will a criminal record stop me from getting a job in criminal justice?

Depending on the nature of the offense and the particular position, a criminal record may not disqualify you from a job in the criminal justice system. For example, a speeding ticket will not disqu... Read More »