Can a felon parole to a felon sibling?

Answer tomas more had 0 siblings :) :):P

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Can a convicted felon on parole join the armed services?

No. Convicted felons may join the military (in limited cases), however only after the completion of their sentence and they have been released from custody. Parole is still a form of custody, and t... Read More »

Can a sibling adopt an other sibling even if they are a felon?

What you can do be nice for your sister is mabe buy her a cake or buy her a present of what she really likes.

Can a felon be a tax preparer?

There is no law that would keep a felon from becoming a tax preparer. Many national franchises run seasonal schools for tax preparers, and they do not even ask any questions about prior convictions... Read More »

Can a felon adopt?

Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.