Can a felon adopt?

Answer Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.

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Can a felon adopt baby?

Answer Oh, sorry. But there's no way. They screen potential parents so carefully.

Can a felon adopt a 3yearsold child?

Get a lawyer. You have a couple of ways to assert your parental rights.

Can a person adopt a child if their spouse is a felon?

The entire situation has not been explained. so there may be mitigating factors. The short answer is: if the child has been legally adopted, the biological parents have no more legal standing than ... Read More »

Can a covicted felon adopt a child in California the spouse has no record?

yes sorta put it this way i am married to a convicted felon. I live in California and have no record i gained custody of his niece at birth thru fostercare and has had her for almost 18mths. of cou... Read More »