Can a fathers rights be taken away if he cannot support his child?

Answer Hi if u mean the he does not pay child Pennsylvania no they still have all rights to see their children. The courts will tell you that they are two different courts. And if they don't ... Read More »

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If the mother of a child has sole custody and the father has visitation rights can she give the child away to someone else besides the father without the fathers consent?

Answer No she can't. If her ex is a good man and a good father when he has visitation rights then she has no right to tear the child away from him. He can fight it in a court of law. Before one act... Read More »

If a father abandons his child can his parental rights be taken away?

How do you get a father's rights taken away if he is in prison for criminal indecency involving a child?

You need to consult with an attorney or a legal advocate at the family court and file a petition. Appropriate legal advice will tell you what type of a petition to file. Perhaps you could get some ... Read More »

If a father has been absent from a child's life for years is there a certain amount of time when his rights to the child are automatically taken away to where the child can be adopted by another man?