Can a father take his son to another women's house overnight in Tennessee?

Answer Probably it is ok

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What is the LEGAL age a child can babysit overnight in Tennessee?

well, you are setting a bad example becaseu seeing that you are that young and parents, instead of focusing all of your time on a good college education, you have to deal with your kid, so that kid... Read More »

Can you move out of your house and in with a friend if your father is okay with it but your mother is not and they have joint custody but you just moved in with your father?

I would say it would depend on how old you are and possibly where you live.

If the mother throws the child out of the home and brings him to his father's house can the father still be accounted for kidnapping or parenting?

Answer Assuming the question refers to parental abduction, the answer would be no. The mother voluntarily took the minor to the residence of the non-custodial parent, therefore no charges could be ... Read More »

If a mother throws her son out of the home and he is dropped off at his father's house but his father has no custudy yet what would happen to the child during this process?

Answer In most cases (if the father wanted the child) the child could live with the father and the father should be seeing a lawyer to get full custody. If both parents don't want the child (becau... Read More »